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Ukrainian LPG Association on the 32nd World LPG Forum will hold the presentation - conference "Era of new opportunities"

Ukrainian LPG Association on the 32nd World LPG Forum will hold the presentation - conference "Era of new opportunities". September 24, from 11:00 to 13:00, RAI amsterdam, room D204

We invite everyone to visit our meeting !

The purpose of the event is to inform participants of the Forum about state of the LPG market in Ukraine and his place in Europe. Challenges faced by Ukraine amid increasing demand for LPG. Excise policy in the state, alternative supply of the resource.

There will be a meeting with our esteemed guests, these are representatives of business, civil servants, public figures. This is an unique opportunity to discuss the main topics of the Ukrainian and European markets in a casual atmosphere.

Who will speak at the presentation - conference:

Samuel Maubanc, General Manager, Liquid Gas Europe.

The state of the European LPG market. The place of Ukrainian LPG in Europe. Autogas incentive policy. Features of excise policy and state influence on the development of the sector. What are the possible new directions of supplying the resource to Ukraine.

Stanislav Batrachenko, General Director, ULPGA.

A new stage of development of the Ukrainian LPG industry. New faces - new ideas! Reforms of state regulation in relation to LPG. Increasing demand for LPG requires an alternative supply of resources from Europe and the world. Ukraine is an investment ground.

Sergey Fedorenko, representative of the Ukrainian LPG market.

LPG quality of Ukrainian manufacturer. Prospects for Ukrainian production to ensure energy security and energy independence of Ukraine by developing its own gas resource potential. Development of internal technological competence and reliable ecosystem of the industry.

The event will be held at the RAI Amsterdam Exhibition Center

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